Although is focused on California elections, we are very concerned about the 2016 election, and the mounting evidence that it was not properly counted in many states, and was the victim of improper computerized purging of voter registration lists.

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1-6-17 Steven Rosenfeld: At Least 50 Trump Electors Were Illegitimately Seated as Electoral College Members.

1-5-17 Steven Rosenfeld: Activists Urge Racist Presidential Election Results Should Not Be Certified.

12-21-16 Steven Rosenfeld: The electoral process does not empower the citizenry.

12-18-16 Greg Palast: The Republican Sabotage of the Vote Recounts in Michigan and Wisonsin.

12-11-16 alternet: 7 Election Integrity and Cyber Security Experts Say Stopping Michigan Recount Is a Corrupt Exercise of Power

UPDATED 12-11-16 alternet: What 6 top election experts are saying about the next big step in 2016 recount

11-30-16 Greg Palast on the recount.

How the GOP Flipped and Stripped Yet Another American Election

11/20/16: Steven Rosenfeld: Serious hard-to-explain questions arise about trump vote totals in 3 key states.

Greg Palast on the electronic voter purges in the red states.